You about to know the simplest down to earth person. My name is Funky Kar you can call me Funky, I am a website developer of 12 years, besides developing website sometimes I go into flipping websites on Flippa and other sites. I have three kids who are all grown up now, the smallest is 18 years. I have had my share of internet marketing and I can share my experience in marketing with you.

I love the health industry as i was brought up in the herbal sector of the health industry.

Base on my knowledge with my daddy who is very old to take the active responsibility of caring for people i have taken it upon myself to do the health administration to people who need me.

I love to see smiles on people’s faces when they regain back their health. Believe me, you don’t know how much pain and suffering people get into when they have one health problem or the other. The emotional trauma I go through when I see people brought to my father in pains is really really overwhelming. But I smile when he was able to administer some herbs and concoction to heal them and nurse them back to health.

My believe is that there is no disease or illness that doesn’t have a cure?

The love of money in the world today has taken priority over the love of one another. I hope to take over full when my father finally retires he is 87 years old now. Although he appears strong.But I want him to take it slowly. But trust me he will never hear of it because his passion lies in helping people get well.

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