100% pure peppermint essential oil 2ml blackhead remover for acne

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100% pure peppermint essential oil 2ml blackhead remover for acne

  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil
  • Brand Name: Plant Gift
  • Ingredient: 100% pure plant essential oils
  • Model Number: Peppermint oil
  • cosmetics the efficacies: /, the contraction pore, lift firming, blackhead, acne remove
  • essential oil body: relieve headaches curative effect
  • skin cosmetics feature: purity
  • cosmetics feature: calm soothing, use effect, moisture, skin
  • cosmetics dysmenorrhea the efficacies: cure cold
  • cosmetics curative effect feature: degrees moisturizing
  • cosmetics efficacies: ruptured, others, anti-wrinkle, antibiotic anti-inflammatory
  • whitening cosmetics efficacies: moisturizing



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You also have had the following situation?




 Afternoon work

Lack of body fatigue strength

 Learning lessons

Easy to fall asleep

 While driving

Fatigue driving

Solutions tired coup quickly bear fruit

Life, we might as well break, leading the way drowsy, meeting fugue, doze off in class, the consequences, would your life, career, learning a great impact. The peppermint essential oil, will get down to business “savior” you on the right track.The Peppermint oil drops 2 drops the hands, gently rub, then quickly cover the nose, gently close your eyes take a deep breath, and immediately refreshing, relieve fatigue, concentration, relaxed body and mind, let cool endless.



Peppermint oil is superior efficacy



Psychological effect

Upgrade refreshing, rapid improvement of fatigue.

According to German researchers tested 100 randomly selected members of the public, often Smell smoke peppermint of human samples, attention can increase 27.5%, sleepy rate decreased 39.2%.

Skin effect

Balance oil secretion

Improve acne, clean skin that can remove acne, soothe inflamed skin, oily skin and hair also has a very good improvement.


Horsemint oil contraindications

Horsemint must be diluted after use.

Suitable for a single bath

Do not use the evening Horsemint oil, it is easy to make changes in sleep habits.

Menstruation, pregnancy and breast-feeding should be avoided.

Physiological effect

Upgrade refreshing, fresh breath, get rid of body odor.

Bidirectional regulation of body temperature

Peppermint oil applied to the skin, a cool feeling, but then began to rub fever.


Plants grow in nature, it must have the ability to self-regulation.

The effectiveness of many of the seemingly contradictory, it is its regulatory performance.

So the heat can be used when peppermint oil to reduce the surface temperature.

But after rubbing the effectiveness of heat which in turn relieve bloating, improve digestion.

aeProduct.getSubject() Use of Horsemint oil


 Horsemint oil is more family oriented, Roman medicine books record that it can use to flatulence.

17 world, the British Pharmacopoeia, but also with respect peppermint can be adjusted according to the gastrointestinal and nervous system.



Plant profile

Almost temperate northern hemisphere can see traces of it, especially in damp places, lush growing.


Horsemint extraction



Horsemint oil is an entry-level essential oils, aromatherapy is ideal for beginners, is essential oils travel home.


Extraction site:

Dry distillation of fresh leaves, whole plant.

Difference Horsemint oil and peppermint oil

Horsemint oil is a type of one belonging to the mint of origin belong to Europe, dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. After the introduction of the United States and Japan.


In aromatherapy, Horsemint oil itself relatively spicy, cool and refreshing taste that can stimulate the brain, uplifting essential oils and enhance attention.




In addition, improving the skin can make the skin feel cool, dilute the red skin, relieve irritation and itching.


To cure colds also have some effect.

Relatively speaking, peppermint essential oil to enhance the brain and concentrate better results.








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 aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject()

aeProduct.getSubject()  Peppermint oil

1 drop


  • Blackhead
  • Massage: Use Peppermint oil 1 drop +Massage Balm (one dosage)



aeProduct.getSubject()  aeProduct.getSubject()  aeProduct.getSubject()  aeProduct.getSubject()


 Peppermint oil

1 drop

Ginger oil

3 drops

Basil oil

3 drops

Sweet almond oil



  • Stomach flatulence
  • Massage: Peppermint oil 1 drop +Ginger oil 3 drops +Basil oil 3 drops +Sweet almond oil 30ml



aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject()

 Peppermint oil

3 drop

Cypress oil

2 drops

Lemon oil

3 drops


  • BlaUpgrade and refresh
  • Incense law: Peppermint oil 3 drops +Cypress oil 2 drops + Lemon oil 3 drops



aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject()


 Peppermint oil

3 drop

Lavender oil

3 drops

Chamomile oil

 2 drops


  • Ease hair
  • Incense law: Peppermint oil  3 drops+ Lavender oil 3 drops +Chamomile oil 2 drops



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