3 Types100% natural essential oil for dry skin

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Rose-Moisturizing and provide water to help improve dry skin, physical and mental support to your body, releasing your female charm.

Tea Tree-Gently cleaning your skin, balancing skin water and oil, making your skin delicate and tender.

Lavender-Moisturizing and repairing, balancing the skin oil and water, making your skin smooth and delicate.

Product name: Pure Plant Essential Oil
NET Volume: 10ml
Size: Full Size
Quantity: 1pcs

Use Method:

Directly using a cotton swab paint the skin gently for 5 seconds. Face massage: drip 5 drops of essential oil on your face and massage gently for 15 minutes.

It can also be used mixed with cleaser (drip 5 drops in the cream and mix it), cream. The essential oil can also be used for hair care or body massage or environmental aroma etc.


1 pcs Pure Plant Essential Oil

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