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Tea tree althou is very powerful and has the potencial to cure many disease r Teeanging fom skin diseases to mouth ulcer and canker sores. It is very toxic care has to be taken when taken tea tree oil. Like i said before it should be dilured with carrier oil like coconut oil to supress its toxicity.

The benefits of this tea tree oil are as follows

1.Infiltrate deeply and quickly to heal your canker sores.

2. Protect the wound so infection does not set in before the total cure of the wound

3.Balance water and oil so further breakouts of acne is controlled

4.Extract from natural plant so there is no side effect

5. Gives you a kissable lip after removing your canker sores














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Putting 0ne to two drops of this amazing tea tree essential oil into a glass of warm water and rinsing your mouth with the solution clears your canker sores . You must leave the solution to stay in your mouth for about five minutes making sure it touches the canker sore for effective elimination. Then after five minutes rinse and wash your mouth. Please note that tea tree oil should not be swallowed because it’s much more powerful and toxic than any other essential oil. It should not also be used without first diluting it so as not cause damage to your skin.












This product is also wonderful for the treatmtnt of acne because of its anti acne property

to fight infection. It is a powerful antidole for acne . This not just another oil this particular tea

tree product has a review of five stay and 99 out of 100 people that used it testify to their potency i am sure

you will be amng those that will atest to its effectiveness. Please dont fail to comment otherwise if its not working for you. Feel free to give us a down vote. But i am very sure according to record will hardly got a down vote.

How do you use it for acne ? Just get a cotton bud and deep it into the solution Two drops of water and two drops of this oil and then apply to your acne. If it’s a long existence acne and you have tried all other method but failed to remove your acne never mind your worries are over just dip it directly¬† into the oil and touch it upon your acne .



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