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Famous brand free shipping pure natural aromatherapy Ylang ylang essential oil Aphrodisiac effect Relax Skincare 10ml30ml100ml
Efficacy and effect of Yilan essential oil
YYlang ylang essential oil antibacterial, anti-depression, lower blood pressure, sedation aphrodisiac.
The application of essential oil in Yilan
[skin care] Ylang ylang essential oil for the skin and hair are very good maintenance. Regardless of dry or oily skin, Ylang ylang essential oil is a good choice, can be used for routine maintenance, massage. Ylang ylang essential oil on the scalp to stimulate and make up the effect can make the new hair shinier. In the South China Sea area of women, with Ylang ylang essential oil to coconut oil to collate the hair. In Europe, it is one of the components of the oil.
[body care] Ylang ylang essential oil in the balance of the reputation of the hormone, in the regulation of the reproductive system, is very valuable. Basically can be called uterine tonic, used in a caesarean section after maternal can give a warm feeling. It is said to be able to maintain a strong chest. The characteristics of Yilan oil anti-frustration and aphrodisiac, to help improve frigidity and impotence are very famous.
Ylang ylang essential oil is especially effective for rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat. The characteristics of the essential oil can also reduce hypertension. On the whole, the nervous system has a relaxing effect, but the use of time is too long will cause the effect of anti. It seems to be a very useful trait in the intestinal tract.
[heart maintenance] ylang-ylang essential oils for older people also have “rejuvenation” help in anti-depression, anti-depression, confidence can bring great energy. Yilan essential oil can regulate the secretion of adrenaline, relax the nervous system, make people feel happy. Ylang ylang essential oil can relieve anger, anxiety, panic, fear and shock.
[daily] Ylang ylang essential oil is good Zhumian oil, very suitable for the bedroom. Ylang ylang essential oils is very suitable for husband and wife of essential oils, can keep happy, the atmosphere of sexual gratification also can give you every night to sleep well. Can drop 2-3 drops for a negative ion wide incense device, or directly on the pillow. Similarly, 2-3 drops for bath, but also couples or couples to maintain feelings of Supreme enjoyment. Ylang ylang essential oil is a very long-lasting smell of essential oils is very suitable for use as a homemade essential oil perfume, is a very good fragrance agent.
Suitable for essential oils from Yilan and
Bergamot Citrus Oils, grapefruit essential oil, jasmine essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, orange flower essential oil, wide Patchouli essential oil, rose oil, rosewood essential oil, sandalwood essential oil.
The applicable scope of Ylang-ylang essential oil
For the skin, Yilan essential oil can balance oil secretion, suitable for excessive drying and oily skin. It can stimulate the scalp, significantly promote the growth of hair.
To attention cannot be excessive use of ylang-ylang, excessive use can lead to headaches and nausea, also may irritate sensitive skin, so I do not recommend using in skin inflammation and eczema.


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